Leaving The Farm

by Joe Kaplow

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Recorded at The Farm Studios Cream Ridge, NJ.


released 31 March 2013

All songs written by Joe Kaplow.
All instruments played by Joe Kaplow except:
Ryan Bondar - Drums and Drum samples on tracks 3, 6 & 8.
Taylor Carney - Misc Percussion on track 2.



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Joe Kaplow Santa Cruz, California

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Track Name: Gimme Back My Dreams
What I want and what I got should be the same but they're not.
Gimme back my dreams.
When I lay me down and when I rise I'm so tired of these sleepy eyes.
Gimme back my dreams.

Between a hard day's work and getting ready for the night
I get no time to check my pace.
I'm chasing and time don't wait. She never waits.
Gimme back my dreams.
Track Name: The Ship Has Sailed
"The ship has sailed," she said to me. "Baby you're not that grand."
I'm guilty of loading my own ship down but you're leaving?
I don't understand.

You loved me then, you should love me now. I guess you never really did.
One strong gust just blew you away. You say that the ship has sailed.

You smiled so brightly in the sun holding a chest full of jewels.
In my arms you were anchored there. I thought you were telling the truth.


Sail your ship across the sea, empty of my love. Drift into some lonely port. Hear the foreign tongue and know I'm really gone.

Track Name: Peace of Mind
It's the last set of a show. You know I hate to go.
There's a girl outside; she wants to take me home.
She looks so good and I've been so alone.

So I must make a choice, a chance to try and use my voice.
All the words flowing out, leaking down across the floor
and the noise has me looking to the back door.

Where did she go- my peace of mind?
Where did she go? I miss her so.

When the music's up and gone, faded like a brilliant dawn
the scene's outside: people talking, smoking dope inside their cars.
She's not out here. Neither are the stars.


All the time I spent on leather sofas getting hypnotized.
All the shamans with their tea.
All the books I read, all the wise men said.
All to get her back to me.

Track Name: How About the Ocean
How about the ocean's love? I'll tell you what it means to me:
Pine-sweet kisses from a frothing sea.
I sail its waters, I fish its waters, I play in its waters too.
I've tried so hard to paint those waters, the green and blue.
Green and blue.

How about the ocean's might? It's the mightiest might around.
Ask Samoa, ask Noah, ask the little boy who drowned.
Open your engines for the crest of that wave
If you think you've got a chance.
Me, I know I'm going under when it comes to pass.
When it comes to pass.

How about the ocean's life? I'll tell you it's like my own.
Changing, changing changing mood slowly wears away the stone.
Steady breath on the shoreline, ebb and flow,
Things wonderful and terrible dwelling deep below.
Deep below.

How about that ocean?
Track Name: Protest Song #2
Who are these people called my generation?
I live in their ranks but I feel no relation
And though I've been to many convocations
I never heard ideas or felt the sensations
That are my own but they are devastating
Construction I wanna be building.

What do they think when they are alone?
Do they realize that one day they'll be full grown
with the fate of the world in their hands and their bones
and it's not so easily cast away like stones?
Or does fate elude those that are shown
Happiness comes from spending?

I am just a man, here I am, alone on my island reaching out my hand.
I do not understand from what spaceship did we land.
Does no good to reprimand or to listen to the band.
The more that time goes on and on I feel I'm sinking in the sand.

Who are these people my dearest best friends
That shared my desires but I fear in the end
Our generation will waste the help that they lend
And I'll be empty with no chance to mend and
I'll be alone with no one to send letters I'll be constantly writing?

Some of these friends pass through my life
Like a bird that flirts then flies out of sight.
They helped me give my ideas flight
But they've grown like trees that are starved for light.
Now they're twisted and bitter and I fear that they might
Have forgotten what was once so inspiring.


Who are these people I'm supposed to respect
Who once thought like me but now I expect
They gave up or lost hope or couldn't stay direct,
Hypocrites leading me to be next but I won't be like them
I'll shuffle the deck though away from it all I'll be living?

Who are these people running my country
from faraway offices speaking for me
Though we're worlds apart? How could this be-
These sharks in suits with law degrees
Are spreading the people an infectious disease:
Power is the reason for living.

Track Name: Corn Kob Pipe
I think I'll make a corn cob pipe. Something I've wanted to do.
I ain't that much of a smoker anymore, but still it'd be kinda cool.
Like a farmer from the past whose life is in the land,
Following his horse drawn plow corn cob pipe in hand.

I found the bowl for my corn cob pipe clinging to a stalk.
The field of maze grew so tall it cast shadows where i walked.
I picked off all the kernels, tossed them in a stream
And the water rippled back to me from a very distant dream.

A change comes in September. It brings work to the farm
So pile some wood outside the door. Stack hay up in the barn.
The waves are getting bigger, leaves are turning red,
Days are getting shorter, changes in my bed.

I think I'll make a corn cob pipe. Something I've wanted to do
Though I ain't that much of a smoker anymore.
Track Name: How Old Is My Soul?
I was thinking a lot about you, thinking a lot about everybody too.
All my mothers, all my fathers, all my friends,
I know we'll be together again.
All the moments that I held so close to me
Only exist in my memory.
Ain't that the way it goes. How do we get the sky? Nobody knows.

Lately I've been wondering just how old is my soul?
It's got me wondering just how old is my soul?

I was thinking a lot about time.
Oh, how she rocks me I can never maker her mine.
How she takes away, now even I'm finding it harder to stay.
So I might dye my hair and I might move to California.
It might be a while for us my love but we'll grow stronger.


I was feeling the weight of change, feeling all my little aches and pains.
In my head, in my arms, in my heart.
When something ends something starts.
So I'm just pushing for another day out in the sun
And I'm wishing this for everything and everyone.

Track Name: Protest Song #1 (Find Out What Love is For)
I met a man walking down the street.
His voice was filled with hate and deceit.
He was putting everybody down all around across the town.
I said, "Hey man, don't you have a happy thought
You might give to me for free?"
He said, "You're young and dumb. I got some business, gonna run!"

Goes to show that I know that he is afraid of the senseless combat.
He's gotta try more, open up a new door, walk across a clean floor,
Find out what love is for.

I had a dream last night and it gave me quite a fright.
Making love to a human machine when I let out a scream.
She shot me, bullets dug deep as red blood stained my sheets.


So when we rally in the city so the rest of the world can see
We aim to bring about a change. It's lame, we're tired of the same.
It's been too long and we're too strong and we're tired of going wrong.